Our Classes

Empower, heal and reconnect with yourself through our all-level yoga and wellness classes

Our beautiful studio is centrally located with easy access parking and offers a wide variety of classes and services in a unique and relaxing environment.

Our Classes

Children’s Yoga & Mindfulness

Join one of our certified children’s yoga instructors, as they guide your child through a series of yoga poses and meditation through games, stories and songs. Yoga will give your child the tools to focus, overcome anxiety and frustration, gain balance and flexibility as they practice breathing techniques and basic yoga poses. All levels, appropriate for ages 5-10.

Pricing per class for children’s yoga classes: $12 drop in.

Youth Yoga & Mindfulness

At Quartz, Youth is considered ages 11-14 years old. When checking out, you are more than welcome to purchase a $12 drop in, if your attendee falls within this age range. Our Youth aged group is welcome in any of our yoga classes. As long as they can sit independently on their mat and participate in the entirety of the class, we believe they will do quite well in a public “adult” class setting. If you’re unsure, feel free to send an email to info@quartzorganics.com. Another fantastic option, is to book a private yoga class, targeted directly for this age group. Please see our Private Yoga class listing below for pricing. 

Pricing per class for youth yoga classes: $12 drop in.

Intro to Yoga

One-hour yoga class great for absolute beginners or those with minimal experience. This class focuses on proper alignment in basic poses, gentle stretching and breath work. Moving at your own pace as well as the use of props is encouraged. New Client Special – 10$ Intro to Yoga with Courtney on the first Monday of the month at 7:00pm.

Pricing per class for in person adult yoga classes: $15 drop in. $14 with 5 class pass. $13 with 10 class pass. New client special: $10 drop in.

Mindful Movement Yoga

A Hatha based yoga flow that inspires you to meet yourself where you are. Your breath is your guide as you move through a series of yoga poses that encourage you to heal, ground and harmonize. For sixty minutes, allow yourself to be fully present as the outside world simply melts away.

Pricing per class for adult yoga classes: $15 drop in. $14 with 5 class pass. $13 with 10 class pass.


Yoga, but glow in the dark! Wear white, grab a few glow sticks, put on some glow paint and join us for an all levels Hatha yoga flow. Class is 60 minutes. Glow sticks and glow paint will both be provided for you to borrow. Use your class pass or drop in. Get ready for a fun filled hour!

Pricing per class for in person adult yoga classes: $15 drop in. $14 with 5 class pass. $13 with 10 class pass.

Rise & Shine Yoga

Rise and Shine is an all-levels, feel-good class that is accessible for most everyone. A grounding yoga practice that encourages you to find stability while creating room for growth, mentally and physically. This hour incorporates poses and breathing exercises that energize, enliven, and prepare you for the week ahead.

Pricing per class for in person adult yoga classes: $15 drop in. $14 with 5 class pass. $13 with 10 class pass.

Slow Flow Yoga

A slower-paced yoga class carefully designed to help you unwind. We focus on gently releasing tension, both physical and mental, while still maintaining a connection to the core.

Pricing per class for in person or online adult yoga classes: $15 drop in. $14 with 5 class pass. $13 with 10 class pass.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Flow through a dynamic hour filled with carefully-sequenced yoga postures, pranayama breath work, and guided meditation. Transitions- ranging from pleasantly simple to blissfully challenging- weave each pose into the next. Ample modifications are offered throughout the class, and while the hour is suitable for all -from those with no prior yoga experience to seasoned yogis and yoginis- it is recommended that students be able to get up and down from the floor with relative ease.

Pricing per class for in person adult yoga classes: $15 drop in. $14 with 5 class pass. $13 with 10 class pass.

Vin Yin Yoga

Vin-Yin Yoga is the beautiful union of two styles of yoga asana, vinyasa and yin. Vinyasa is a dynamic, flowing practice pairing breath with movement that helps to move prana or energy quickly through the body. This style allows you to drop out of your mind and immerse yourself in the experience of your breath, allowing it to be your guide through and within your body as you bathe yourself in the ebb and flow.

Afterwards, once the body is warmed and invigorated, we slow everything down and deepen into yin, a style of yoga focused on longer static holds and immersion into the fascia, or connective tissue of the body. It is here that we access deeper levels of healing and release on the visceral, emotional, and metaphysical level even beyond our awareness. 

A powerful, cleansing experience for mind, body, and spirit. Leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in every corner of your beingness! 


Pricing per class for in person or online adult yoga classes: $15 drop in. $14 with 5 class pass. $13 with 10 class pass.

Candlelight Restore

This slow-paced restorative class is excellent for all levels, including beginners. Our 60-minute class focuses on the practice of holding asanas or “poses”, with the support of props such as bolsters and blankets, for longer periods of time than regular exercise. This practice allows one to release tension, relax, reduce stress and heal the nervous system, all while catalyzing the natural processes of detoxification within one’s body. Class will be held in the candlelight, creating the utmost sense of stillness and restoration. Truly, the perfect way to end your week.

Pricing per class for in person adult yoga classes: $15 drop in. $14 with 5 class pass. $13 with 10 class pass.

Private Yoga Class

Join Courtney, the owner of Quartz Yoga & Wellness Studio, for a private adult or children/youth yoga session. This class can be tailored to your experience level, comfort and ease. Private yoga classes can be booked solo or as a group. Classes can be booked for either 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes. Come to the studio for an in-person class. This session is also available as a “travel” option, where Courtney joins you in your home, backyard or the place of your choosing. Available for parties and private events. Email Courtney at info@quartzorganics.com to schedule.


In Studio 30 Minute Private Class: $40. In Studio 45 Minute Private Class: $55. In Studio 60 Minute Private Class: $70.

Travel 30 Minute Private Class: $50. Travel 45 Minute Private Class: $65. Travel 60 Minute Private Class: $80.

*Pricing includes one person. $10 per person add on.

Class Schedule

* Schedule is subject to change. Please follow us on Facebook/Instagram and check your email for updates.

*Yoga class reservations must be modified or cancelled six hours prior to the start of class. If you cancel within six hours or “no show”, your drop in or class pass will not be credited back to your account. Any questions, email info@quartzorganics.com. Thank you for understanding!

*All in person classes expire one year from purchase date.

New Client Special- 10$ Intro to Yoga with Courtney on the first Monday of the month at 7:00pm.

Courtney’s dedication to wellness is not only exemplified in her yoga expertise but also the extra steps she takes to ensure that her students have a fulfilling and tranquil experience. I recommend her to beginners and expert yogis and anyone in between. Namaste!

Andrea h.

Courtney creates an amazing place for any person, any body to come be present on their mat and get in touch with their mind, body and heart. You know when you meet someone and they’re doing something they love? This is Courtney. She is sharing her passion with people and I was lucky to be included in her process. She has a personal warmth and comfortable energy: in her classes her cuing is encouraging but not pushy, calm and clear, but not sleepy and her personal touch is an overall rich experience. I can’t express enough just how wonderful and relaxing her class leaves you feeling. Courtney is open, authentic and friendly. Her class leaves you feeling whole and at peace.

Jessica A.

Courtney has been a true blessing in my life this past year. She has been working with me on a regular basis to rebuild my strength and sanity after becoming a mother. She has every quality a great yoga instructor should have including a calming voice and patience. She understands the impact that stretching, strengthening and breathing can have in a person’s life. She is continuously seeking out resources for herself to improve her instruction. I am excited for Quartz Yoga & Wellness Studio to open soon!

Lauren G.

The primary reason I started taking yoga classes from Courtney a few years ago was to help a friend log her required hours to get certified. Additionally, I had never attended a yoga class before and was excited for the new experience. The experience turned out to be an enjoyable one and soon yoga classes became a recurring event on my weekly calendar. Courtney is an extremely knowledge instructor who truly caters her classes to all skill levels. The growth I’ve experienced under her instruction over the past couple of years is remarkable. Following every class, I leave feeling mentally refreshed and physically rejuvenated!

Tom K.